Mondrian developed into an abstract artist after earlier working mainly in the genre of landscape painting.

Simple compositions of primary colours dominate his career, but there are also some lesser known alternatives to enjoy too. This section provides a comprehensive summary of Piet Mondrian's most famous art works

The vibrant colour and busy tiling found in Broadway Boogie Woogie and Victory Boogie Woogie mark perhaps the style most commonly associated with Mondrian, whilst Composition with Red Yellow and Blue is the best known of his more simplistic series.

Mondrian's landscape paintings included a whole tree series, including Gray Tree, as well as multiple windmill works, perfectly capturing the artist's Dutch roots.

There were also further landscape works like View from the Dunes with Beach, which marked the early development and experimentation of this artist before he settled on his signature abstract approach.

The selection found here provides a summary of his typical style and colour. Reds, blues and yellows dominate many of his abstract work, and these have been labelled as Neoplasticist. The influence of Mondrian has ensured that this strand of modern art became a respected art movement.